2020-2021 Workshop Topics on Zoom


My workshop topics are inspired by the many conversations I have about colleges, goals and futures with parents and teens. Themes emerge. I like to bundle these themes into neat workshops, which are ideal for our collective or for your group.  Contact me if you’d like me to do one of these workshops for your group, or if you’d like a custom workshop.

Note: Any of my Outschool classes can be offered to your group as a workshop.

Lemons to Lemonade: The College Journey During Emergencies

Pandemics. Storms. Illness. The world is full of curve balls and surprises. The question is, "How do I make the best of my situation so that I can maximize my college options?" In this workshop we look at ways to overcome challenges and spend time considering what a student can learn about an institution by how they handle major events.


No Really, Standardized Test Scores DO Matter

The myth that standardized test scores don’t matter results in underprepared and ultimately under-competitive students. Test scores on the SAT, ACT, AP and other standardized tests do matter, and in more ways than many people realize. Learn why you should take these tests seriously and  how to prepare.


“You Better Get A Scholarship” is NOT a Plan…

For many families, cost is a top factor to consider when choosing a college. Not only is college super expensive, the costs are climbing every year. If the cost of college is a concern, why not plan early and carefully to find the right fit college that will work for your family. This workshop offers some tools and resources to help.


The College Landscape- Understanding the Options 

Leave no stone unturned! There are over 4 thousand colleges and universities in the US. Do you know your options? Every school is different, and every school offers a different experience. This workshop is an overview of the types of schools available. Let’s go beyond public vs private, large vs small and HBCU vs PWI and look at schools in other, less talked about ways. 


Building That Strong Application- The Four Magic Ingredients 

Students must be intentional during middle school and high school. A strong application to a top school and to top scholarship programs requires a mix of mindfulness and living your best life. This workshop points out ways to stand out, things to stay away from and great ways to maximize the return on investment of time and other resources.

Special Topics: Social Studies- Semester-long classes

I also offer special topics both on Outschool and to groups. Choose one below or let me know how I can create a class for you.

*How NOT to be a Racist: Race, Racism & The Path Forward

*The Burden of Race: An Afrocentric Conversation about Race in America

*Black Excellence: A Study of Achievement and Accomplishment in America

These 16 week courses can be divided and offered in 2 8-week sessions, 3 6-week sessions or 4 4-week sessions. Classes can meet once a week (55 minutes) or 2x per week. 

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