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One of the the ways that I am DISRUPTING the College Journey is by focusing the needs and desires of the Family and the Student, not the Colleges and Universities.


I am not interested in the harmful myths that weigh down families and disadvantage students. I’m sure you’ve heard them- that students should follow their passions, that scores don’t matter, that majors don’t matter, that it is ok to not have a plan, or that students should be left to figure college out on their own. These myths can lead to heartbreaking outcomes.


If I were a big company filled with highly-educated professionals who spend all day, every day, figuring out how to entice people to spend hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars, I would want to work with confused teens who have never purchased anything expensive, probably never held down a full-time job, and have no idea what they want to do with their lives. I would hope that their families are not involved. I would be thrilled to find people who don’t know anything about my company, the people who work their and the people that have been there. If they come with their minds filled with myths and certain that only one place is The Dream, well, even better!


If you are happy to approach the College Journey with minimal or outdated information, you will not be alone. This is status quo. I am looking for those who want to disrupt this journey by being very well informed, prepared and open.


I am very interested in working with families that are committed to investing the time and effort to ensure that their students are maximizing their opportunities in high school, that are committed to going beyond rankings to find the right fit college and program. Families that understand that colleges are not commodities and so investing on understanding the options is critical for connecting with an institution that is aligned with their values and goals.


I work with no more than 12 families each year.  The process is very hands-on. I suggest working together starting sophomore year, and planning to alot time for a sustained effort.


We will tailor a plan to meet your needs. Expect the plan to include the following:


*One-on-One Sessions (virtual)- at least once a week, but more (or less) as needed. These meetings will be with the entire family, just the student, or just the parent.


*Accountability checks- Some students need someone to keep them committed to the steps needed to meet the stated goals. Most parents do not have the capacity to manage this.


*Support with additional resources


*Travel- for in-person meetings or campus tours (travel fees apply)- I am happy to join the family or chaperone the student- whatever works best.


Families commit to the entire year (12 months) which includes highly personalized support for up to 2 high school or middle school aged teens. Renewing families have priority over new families. I work with US families and International Students.


$5,985 USD

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